Monday, June 14, 2010

What a Bored Day

err i dont know why today is so bored to me ( =.= ) just like want to kill myself | arghhhh tgok dvd pun bosan , tgok tv pun bosan , masa makan jeh aku feel kejap lepas tuh bosan balik , aha __________- online pun bosan , budak-2 ni online err macam tak ikhlas nak comment baik tak payah * bukan semua okay ? Hmm i hope she's online but just for a while and i guess my bestiee online , err the same thing was happened ( ! ) Haa erghh but thanks to hifzanaziz * sebab temankan dekat ym :| hmm wtv it is today is totally bored since pagi tadi . hmm im not in mood act , sorry ( ______- ) Bubye


  1. Ahha chill lahh bro :) Yeahh i takk kesah laa we're buddy babe . Btw thanks for hifzanaziz dkt blog . Oh okayokay dah dah jgn bosan bosan sngt :) Tc byye

  2. Haa hmm okay . dah tak borng dah :)