Monday, December 17, 2012

What A Good Day On 15/12/2012

Assalamualaikum hi semua. Hi hi and hi ! Yeah i know, it's a long long long time me no update this blog. It seems berhabuk and dah lapuk. I don't know what's wrong with me when i think about my own blog and i'll think,  "hmm apa nak update ?" Tengok orang lain punya blog, fuhh lawa-lawa and always update while mine ? *cengkerik berbunyi* haha lol. So now i've something that i wanna share with you guys which is this moment is really really and really mean for me and i won't forget this moment in my life. Hahaha apa lah kan aku ni macam penting sangat je ? Yeah penting wehh sebab aku rasa dekat blog jelah kot yang orang boleh baca or aku sendiri boleh baca hari-hari.  

On 15th December 2012 which is my first time joined charity event in my life, #TwtUpBersamaAnakYatim organized by twitterians themselves and i was happy to join it. The reason why i'm join it is because it's charity event and i really want to join or participate of this kind of event. Sambil bergembira sambil beramal, betul tak ? hehe and and you know, i make some new friends from Twitter users. I'm so happy to meet them personally. They're so energetic and nice. Yeayy and this is my first time i met Syawal Naim, @syawalnaim. Siapa tak kenal dia dekat twitter, tweetfamous uollss. hehe syawal such a nice person and very very humble. I met him at first @ Sunway Pyramid before we're went to that event together because he said he want to going with me together and i'm so glad. Lepak, makan dengan dia at Subway before we're make a moved because i'm totally hungry on that time. Berbual and chit-chat with him blablabla. So after that, kitaorang make a moved to Ampang and you know what, we're lost. hahaha omagad ! i don't have gps and he don't familiar the way to go to Ampang. Kitaorang redah and follow the signboard until we saw direction to Kuantan and Ipoh. hahaha dafuq ? So pendekkan cerita, we arrived at the location which is Rumah Amal Nurul Hasanah, Ampang around 2pm and the event just started. I met some new friends at there, Nasuha, Mia, Syada Amzahh nd the others. The orphanage was happy to met us and their so friendly. And that moment, that one kid his name is Shah something, i forgot his name but he want to us call him as Yan. Yan is a good kid and he was very very rapat with me and Syawal. Omagad i'm so touched and it feel like i wanna cry. I know how their feels inside, they're lonely, no family, no parents, no siblings and nobodys. Aku boleh anggap Yan macam adik angkat aku. From started that event till finished, Yan tak pernah berenggang dengan aku. Peluk and always followed me wherever i go. Syawal also good melayan adik-adik dekat situ and also the others as well :) We're playing around with the kids, main bola beracun, rebut kerusi, main belon and other stuff. Rasa sekejap gila masa berlalu at that time and me and Syawal have to go. Before we're leaving, the crew and the orphanage took pictures together and we're had a great moment together :D

After finished that event, i send off Syawal to KL Sentral and meet up with Hafiz Kenny, @hafizkenny at Starbucks. And this is me and Syawal first time met Hafiz personally. Hafiz is a good and happy person. After we're captured photo three of us, we said goodbye to Syawal because he want to back home. So after that, i accompanied Hafiz went to Watsons Festival Music @ Stadium Merdeka. This is unplanned actually for me because i tought tak jadi sebab masa tu dah pukul 8 lebih and that concert started on 7pm. Blablabla kitaorang sampai dekat sana and that concert just started and yeah we had a great time man ! Wohoooo. Mizz Nina, B.O.B and Far East Movement in the house yo !! Seriously it's awesome man, it's totally awesome. I can't describe it by words but yeah it's amazing. After finished that concert, i send off Hafiz at his house, Bandar Baru Bangi. 

That day such an amazing day for me ! Got some new experiences and new coolest friends ever. I won't forget this day ! I would like to thanked @syawalnaim and @hafizkenny for spent a good and quality time with me. I wish i can meet you guys again after this. You guys are the best buddies for me. Love you guys a lot. I just upload one photo of the day because i didn't bring my own camera, just using my iPhone. Hehe lol. If you want to see the other photos, just follow me on Instagram and Twitter, @anwarsaadon. Haaaa dah habis dah cerita aku. haha that's all. Best tak? Tak ? Hmm okay. Lol so till we meet again. Take care guys :)

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