Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hot Chelle Rae Live In Malaysia

Showcase Hot Chelle Rae live in Malaysia on 3rd November 2012 at Stage Avenue K, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur. This is awesome! i got the pass from my friends and we go there together. Thank you so much Azreen, Nazim, Syaq, Deena and Izan for this great moment. On that showcase, we got signatured each of them and seriously i can't forget my conversation with Ryan. *Ryan:"Hey how you're doing?" Me:"Im fine thank you. Such a great performance just now!" Ryan:"Oh thank you for coming"* Arghhhhh!!! After the showcase, we're so lucky and unplanned actually we bumped  into car boarded by Hot Chelle Rae. Omagad! We decided to followed that car, actually it's van until they parked at somewhere around KLCC to captured photo at there. My friend suddenly become crazy and histeria until she wanted to catch Ryan and captured photo with him and the others. Aku pun sama je! hahaha seriously we're so lucky much can captured photo with them. Orang lain tade pun haha. But unfortunately, one of my friends minat gila dengan Ryan but she didn't make it to captured photo with Ryan. So again, we decided to go to the KLIA and waited for them because on the showcase, the mc's told us that after the showcase Hot Chelle Rae will flight go to Osaka, Japan for the next tour. We reached at the airport at 7pm and waited untill 11 something. Hampir putus asa and we decided to go back and alhamdulillah, penantian dan kesabaran kami berbaloi because kami dapat jumpa diaorang lagi!! Ya Allah, terharu gila. We talked to them, we captured the photo with them again and give them some souveniers from Malaysia and they like it. Seriously Hot Chelle Rae (Ryan, Ian, Nash and Jamie) is so damn supporting much! Fyi, they said to us "we will come back soon". Seriously, if Hot Chelle Rae come back again to Malaysia, we will go. Sampai sekarang ni, aku masih teringat lagi kenangan dengan diaorang semua. Sumpah demi Allah aku takkan lupakan saat ni!! These is some photos yang rajin nak upload, yang lain simpan buat kenangan. Hahaha bye :D

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