Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Introduce You - Birdy

Hi guys. I want to introduce to you guys my future girlfriend merangkap bakal isteri, hahaha tadelah. Aku pun tatau kenapa tetiba je aku semangat nak post sikit pasal dia. Maybe because i just fall in love with her, haha lol. Her real name is Jasmine van den Bogaerde and she was born in England. Wow i love that country, maybe one day i'll bring my whole family going there Insyaallah :) This year, she's just 15 years old. Oh mai, looks matured aite? Yeahh i know that. Aku suka type perempuan macam ni. Nampak matang dari usia sebenar so automatic fikiran dia pun nampak matang perhaps. Currently i love to hear her songs, Skinny Love and People Help The People. This both songs is so sentimental for me, the music/instrument so relax peacefully :) She's pretty, seriously. Her face is soooooo natural, natural beauty. Birdy, Y U SO BEAUTIFUL? One word for you, perfect. Aku tahu memang aku ni berbual kosong je sebenarnya but peduli apa aku. haha lol i'll support your music and go Birdy go. haha love you <3

- ahmad anwar - 

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