Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Wish List :)

Memandangkan birthday aku akan tiba tidak lama lagi
so im decided to list out all the stuff and things
yang aku nak sangat time birthday aku hehe :)

1.New clothes - Topman or CK
2.New pants and shorts - Topman or Giordano
3.A huge cake - Secret Recipe
4.I wish to have a surprise birthday party from my friends , hehe
5.New wallet
6.New shoes - Topman or Padini
7.New watch - Swatch
8.A jacket - Topman or CK
9.New perfume - Boss Orange or Gucci Guilty
.Birthday whises from my friends , haha

Banyak gilaa kan , hahaha
hope all my wishes will come true :D

i am ,
Ahmad Anwar


  1. new watch from SWATCH ? try to look at Jeremy Scott's edition, cool man :)

  2. bile birthday ? ^^

  3. nabila huda : dekat mana lokasinya ? haha
    nass : 13 march :)